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How to be a Part of the Solution Instead of the Problem

A gatwick hotel and parking isn't hard to find. There are thousands of accommodations to get you by when you choose to land in England's second busiest airport. Still, you might ask: Why not Heathrow instead?

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And that's where the problem lies. You see, everyone tends to choose UK's busiest airport, which is how the trouble begins. With this prevailing bandwagon mentality, there's always a stampede to get or to return to Great Britain on the busiest route.

Smartening Up the Gatwick Way  

Luckily, the smartest travellers know how to avoid the terrible traffic and congestion by making it a point not only to land on the less busy airport but to book airport hotels as well. As an added reward, these travellers also get deeply discounted prices on their hotel bookings. In fact, across the board, they get the cheapest hotel rates in the world.

In Gatwick, Hotel Prices Go Down Not Up

Here are just a few fine examples. Airport Inn Gatwick can be as low as £35 a night. Book way ahead of time and that price tag can nosedive even further. 

If some other people beat you to the door, consider Gatwick Belmont Hotel for only £40 per night. That rate is still quite a ways lower than what most hoteliers in other parts of the world charge for the accommodation. You might ask, why so low?

The answer is simple. It's good old herd mentality again. Everyone's gunning for Heathrow to the benefit of all the Gatwick choosers. Plus, hoteliers in the airport of second choice have smartened up as well by knowing how to turn the business around. So service-wise, there's really no difference as far as service is concerned. 

What's So Nice About Being Second Best?

The hotel business in and near London is so mature that service efficiency is already a well-ingrained habit. Another well-established practice is offering the guest aplenty of value-added features such as an in-room fridge and a microwave. You see, London hoteliers know how to put themselves in their guests' shoes by anticipating the likelihood that there are some leftovers or snacks stuffed in the pockets or the trench coat.

If You Can't Fight It, Join It

Instead of fighting the trend towards practicality and the call of the traveller's tummy, Gatwick hotel operators have learned to offer sumptuous treats in their menus that compliment hurried lunch boxes and prepared sandwiches. And that, in a nutshell, is how the cost of the service can be way down low.